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Product & Price

Our products

Saab Webshop offers Saab Original Parts - the same parts as those assembled in the car from the factory. You can thus be sure that they have best fit, durability, material and function.

In some cases, the original product is no longer available, then we offer an alternative part chosen by our engineers.

We also have a universal range where you can find e.g. oils and lamps from well known brands.

All product and fitting data refers to vehicles with European specifications, left hand drive (LHD) and right hand traffic – unless otherwise indicated. Any fit for other markets is not given.

We provide a 3 year warranty on our products as well as 14 day return policy. You'll find complete information about warranties and return policy in Terms & Conditions.

Our prices

Saab Webshop is selling in SEK to customers in Sweden, in DKK to customers in Denmark and in € to customers in Finland. Prices can differ between markets.

VAT is included with 25% for Sweden and Denmark, 24% for Finland.


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